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In-house publishing - Le collane editoriali

The editorial branch of INGV known as “Le collane editoriali INGV” is composed by the series “Quaderni di Geofisica”, “Rapporti Tecnici INGV”, and “Miscellanea INGV”. The editorial activities in this branch consist of articles by INGV researchers and technicians, technical reports that contribute to the knowledge of researches carried out at the INGV, proceedings of meetings, project reports, short monographs. The three journals are provided with the ISSN.

Luigi Cucci
Editor in Chief of:

Quaderni di Geofisica
Rapporti Tecnici INGV Miscellanea INGV

"Quaderni di Geofisica”, “Rapporti Tecnici INGV”, and “Miscellanea INGV” publish original contributions on research related to:

  • Macroseismics, historical seismology and volcanology
  • Geodesy and remote sensing
  • Earthquake geology
  • Geochemistry, volcanology
  • Geology of volcanic areas
  • Analytical methodologies for geochemical and volcanological studies
  • Observatories and laboratories for the development of technologies in geophysics
  • Statistical seismology, scientific computing, information technology
  • Geophysical prospections
  • Geomagnetism and paleomagnetism
  • Physics of the atmosphere
  • Environment and climate
  • Databanks
  • Communication, outreach, web